Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Happy Halloween to all those that enjoy, apologies to everyone else that doesn't, It's a holiday that is growing on me, We were never allowed to even consider it as children! But I don't see why my boys should miss all the fun, and here's a picture of Harry looking very pleased with himself for carving his pumpkin, with only a little help from his Dad.

So what did I do for Halloween?, no need to dress up I'm scarey enough!!
I made a little basket, I have to say I am quite pleased with it, I had nothing in my stash remotely to do with halloween, so a little ingenuity was required.

To make the pumpkin I have used Orange glitter card and the Tonic studio's shapemate Oval frames and cut 6 of the smallest  on the outside edge, then used a dark brown Promarker to define the edges.
Then stick them all together in a pumpkin shape, I find silicone the best thing for sticking glitter card as you need a bit of extra grip. I used a bit of scrap card to make a stalk and used a spellbinder die to give it some twidley bits! I then stuck it onto some card and cut around it, I dont like mess on the back of my work, it looks unprofessional.

I got this super cool Digi from Saturated Canary and coloured her with promarkers, But thought that she would be better having a little treat basket of her own so made her one using an egg punch to get my mini ovals and put it together in the same way as the large ones, just adding a little face on the front one,

I used my cricut that I have hooked upto the Cricut design Studio, to make the trick or treat motif, I have to see I was so chuffed with it as it was the first thing I have designed with the software ( I even did a little dance of joy around the living room!)

I have made a little box and stuck it onto the back then added a handle.
 All that was needed was to add the sweets.

I hope you like my project, and remember.....
"Don't have nightmares"! 

Happy Halloween
Nicky x

Saturday, 20 October 2012


The final birthday of this week, for Ashley my husbands nephew, who turned 13! 
Wow how the time passes, I remember visiting him in hospital the day after he was born, just days after finding out, I myself, was pregnant with Harry!

So what better to do for a new teen, than to depict their favourite pass time...X-BOX!!

I punted around my favourite digi sites and found this one, its by Maurie J. Manning from 
I just love all of her illustrations, and there is a good range of images, but it it does make it hard to choose, I could easily spend an absolute fortune! but there is something there for everyone and every occasion.

I have been trying to limit the amount of colour groups I am using, as I think it makes the finished product less complicated.
The other thing I'm doing is to keep my cards more simple than I have done in the past, I put a lot of time and effort into my colouring and that's what I want the main focus to be.
I am not knocking any of the beautiful artwork that I see looking around my favourite blogs, I just want to keep it simple, that's my style .

So Here is the finished card, I haven't used any backing papers, just clear embossed a few stars, Hope you like it!

Happy colouring you lot
Nicky x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thats handy !

Birthday number two, Gavins Brother Lee, he's a bit of a wizz at DIY and can build pretty much anything out of a few bits of wood and a few screws, I even think he would give MacGyver a run for his money!

So off I trundled to Mo's Digital Pencil to find something along the handyman line, and here he is,
  Mr-Fixit !

This is such a cool image, even though its quite cartoonish, the detail is brilliant.
The papers are from My Minds Eye, Kraft FunDay Happy days collection.
I love all the Kraft bits and bobs that are around at the moment, it's a look I have always loved, especially around Christmas time.

I tried to give the card a bit of a hand built look, I even made a couple of bits of wood out of scrap card, that's about the extent of my drawing skills these days!

I scrabbled around in my brad box and found these screw head brads from Woodware, just to add a bit more authenticity!
I hpe you like todays card,
Happy Colouring
Nicky x

Sunday, 14 October 2012

How many birthdays in one week?

Well this week, I have three birthday cards to make, and they are on consecutive days, how weird is that and they are all my hubby's family!
So time to get my promarkers out and get some colouring done.
The first birthday is Emma's she is a school teacher but loves her books, and I already had the perfect image in mind.

What the librarian reads is from Krista at Saturated Canary, 
she has fabulous images on her website, and has a fab blog with some great cards too.

I diecut some gorgeous card that I had tucked away in my paper drawer, and it was perfect for this as it had the hearts on one side and the flowers on the other, which meant I only had to cut into one bit of paper, also purely by luck than judgement the colours were perfect too!

I simply cut one of the flowers out of the card, making a perfectly co-ordinating embellishment.

Krista left a couple of titles blank to add a favourite title of your own, I wonder if you can guess what I added?

I hope you like it, would love to get some feedback, so leave me a comment at the bottom, and keep your eye out for the next two birthdays this week!

Happy colouring
Nicky x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hello, remember me???

Well what can I say? yes I have been very busy, but oh so not in a crafty way!
I just don't know where the time seems to be going these days, I even heard its only 80 days till Christmas!

Lots of things have been happening  at home, one of my boys has moved back home so the house feels even smaller! So I have kicked into full on mummy mode and been cooking and baking all of the kids favourites and just being a bit more of a home bod, I love working but hadn't realised just how much I miss being a full time mum, something that I haven't been for around eight years, but sadly just couldn't afford to do it just now.

So I had a week off, I bumbled about a bit and made a grand total of not very much! But my hubby came up trumps and has revamped my craft room!
I say craft room... its the cupboard under the stairs!! He only did it what seems like five minutes ago, but it just wasn't working and was a complete mess...

You know how you have to make a mess to create order...?

And there's more...

Gavin put me some new shelve's in and a new light, he also put some new sockets in!

Compact and bijoux !

And so to the fun bit... putting it all back!

I think I need shares in The really useful Company!

My Promarkers in their boxes waiting for my new storage to come

I now have room to have ALL my stamps at easy reach, will blog how I store another day.

And here's all my ink pads in easy reach so I can see exactly what's what.

Haaaa, One happy Girl, Thanks Gav.
(PS...I Love you !)

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, I promise to take some crafty fibre and be a bit more Regular!!!
Also I would love to see your craft space and storage ideas
Have fun
Nicky xx