Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pencil heaven!!!

I'm in pencil heaven at the moment, two weeks ago I took delivery of the brand new Spectrum Noir 
blend-able pencils, and I must say I totally "LOVE" them!
I'm still in the early stages of discovering what I can do with them but so far have loved what I have achieved.

So, what did I colour?
Well I recently discovered Crafts & Me and in particular their Sara Burrier digital images,  I simply fell in love with this gorgeous fairy image called Hide and Seek.

For her skin I used  003, 005, 008, 009 and 023, then used 001 to blend followed by the blending solution on a paper stump.  Keep adding a bit more colour if you need to, but if you are using a smooth cardstock there is only so much pencil it will take.

The poppy is, 020,  024, 025, 026, 083, 105 and again blend with 001, blending solution and  paper stumps.

For her dress, 015, 020 and 022.
Her stockings, 002, 113 (the white stripe) and 021 and 043 (orange stripe)
again I used the blending solution and paper stumps.

For the greenery 057, 058, 059 and 060, also I used the 001 to help blend but left some of the streaks as texture.
Her Hair is, 097, 098 and 102.

Her wings are 061, 062, 037 and 38.
And finally the background is made up of 043, 044 and 046, this took quite a bit of blending with the blending solution, so that the colours are mottled .

I can't tell you just how pleased I am with the finished result, and this is primarily because of the quality of the pencils, and the way they blend. 
One thing I will say is download the colour charts from the Spectrum Noir website, its a real help when deciding what colours to use.

Hope you enjoy getting to know these pencils ,
Happy Colouring x 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Part 2 as promised!

This week I took delivery of some much awaited Spectrum Noir coloured pencils, and I am hoping to have a couple of projects to share with you soon, but for now..
here is image no 2, from our recent hair and skin workshop, and as you can see we used the same image,
her name is April and she is from Make it crafty
I chose this image so that she can be used as a real practice piece, but in the same download you also get her in a slightly different pose so you can easily put her on the front of a project.

So, onto the list of colours:


Burnt Orange


Soft Peach (lips)


Meadow Green
Marsh Green

Remember that practice is the key to getting great looking colouring, so relax and have fun, it might not always go according to plan, but hey at the end of the day its a bit of paper, and yes lots of my stuff ends up in the bin or popped in a tin never to see the light of day again! Go on give it a go!

Happy colouring x