Saturday, 28 February 2015

Boring but heres part 3 of why i love my job! (possibly the best bit!)

Hello, now I wasn't intending for there to be a part 3 to my "why I Love my job!" but something completely crazy and random happened to me this week! and someone else suggested that I write this one so here goes...!

So last Thursday I was just closing down the shop and the phone rang and the lovely girl on the other end of the phone said she was from the BBC One Show and asked for two things went through my mind, 1) It must be a mistake no-one calls me on the shop phone, and 2) yeah right pull the other one, and genuinely thought someone was having a laugh, but the more she talked the less I thought that was the case.
So, Ailie a researcher from the show wanted me, yes me to go to the big smoke the following day (Friday) and be interviewed for a piece on colouring books for adults! Now my brains immediate response was... " NO can't do busy tomorrow half term drag Harry on a train? let mum down? NO NO NO NO NO NO" so what did I say??? NO ... now to be fair I had already arranged to take my mum to Bristol as she had some lost property to pick up from Temple Meads station, and the thought of having to drag a 14 year old with tonsillitis on a train to London filled me with pure dread, as he gets travel sick when he's well, let alone on really strong antibiotics....!

OK i'm going to level with you... the REAL reason...I have a stress disorder, it ain't in any way shape or form pleasant, so I will spare the details, but suffice to say, travelling is difficult! and for that alone I turned it down.  Now at the point of disappointing her and putting the phone down, rationality kicked in and I walked round berating myself for a full ten minutes about blowing my big chance! By the time I got home I just needed to sit in the corner under a blanket and rock gently hugging my pencils, but my big sister came round and gave me a good stern talking to! and I decided it wasn't meant to be and that if it was then it would happen when it was meant to happen, and just carried on with normal life.

So imagine my shock when telling my Chiropractor those exact words  a text should come from Cate my boss at the Mulberry Bush saying she had just heard a message on the answer machine from Ailie at the One Show and that they still wanted me to do an interview!!!... Gobsmacked!
So after much phone call and text tennis it was all arranged for filming to take place on Monday at work, wow I couldn't believe that it was happening and that they were prepared to come to me!

And true to their word they arrived at the time they said they would and Ailie and her fellow researcher Ben ( more on him in a minute!) put me straight at ease, because lets face it inside I was a quivering blob of jelly!

First things first, I needed a microphone, and quickly realised my choice of dress wasn't really a great idea, but there was an upside!!

Now I'm not going to say I didn't like it because lets face it what slightly menopausal woman in their mid forties wouldn't like Mr tall dark and disgustingly handsome's  lovely warm hands down their top???

When Ailie had her camera all set up she started filming, and the lovely chap sat and asked the questions and I had to look at his gorgeous face throughout the hour of interviewing....I know, but someone had to do it!! 

Its quite tricky staying composed a) while being filmed talking what feels like drivel and b) having to look at him in the eye whilst doing it (talking!!)  I told the story of how I got into colouring in, why I do it how much I like it, and told them all about doing the colouring in workshops, and  I got through it despite a crackly mike cable and dodgy camera mounting, which made me have to keep redoing the questions but Ailie and Ben were simply lovely and very patient with me, 'cos I fluffed it more than once or twice!
After the hard bit they also filmed me actually colouring in! and filmed various bits and bobs around the shop and were with us around an hour and a half before heading back to London for the tech guys to work their magic.


So at 7pm on Monday evening we all sat down to watch the show, and I just kept telling myself that none of it would be on or they would have cut the feature, but no...halfway through there it was, a whole 20 seconds or so! but they did get a fantastic shot of the Spectrum Noir pencils and for that I was very grateful, and if it raises the profile of colouring then its all good, now if you didn't see it you can view it here!

Oh, before I go would you like to see Ben?
SORRY...yes that's him behind the light stand, neither me or Cate got a picture of him, so you will just have to take it from me...he was lovely!
If you would like more information about colouring in classes or any of the other workshops  we run at The Mulberry bush details can be found on the website.

Thanks for indulging me today, I promise I won't mention it again! but as always...

Happy Colouring!
Nicky x

Monday, 23 February 2015

Spectrum Noir Tutorial.

Its my turn to write a tutorial for the spectrum noir blog,
and following on from last months, where I showed you how to shade a bauble, this month I am showing you how to shade a very odd shaped jug!

If you would like to follow the tutorial you will find it right here!
Thanks for joining me,
Happy colouring
Nicky x

Sunday, 22 February 2015

I LOVE my job, part two!

Why do I love my job?
Because I get to make things like this...

This is what I made with the Sheena Douglass perfect partners stamps and dies, after my masterclass at the trade show. (see I LOVE my job part one!)
The stamp sets are Fields of Gold and Brambles, and the dies were Brambles and Country Fence.
I coloured it with the Spectrum Aqua pens in these colours:
Floral set
Bud Green
Leaf Green
Landscape set
The sky is coloured with Teal from the Primary set, I also added just a little of the begonia
I was so pleased with the finished card, I knew that I had to teach my regular Tuesday class, and here are their finished cards,
Mary, feeling very pleased with her card, and so she should.

This beauty belongs to Charlie

This is Kirsty's masterpiece

And finally Gill, also feeling extremely pleased with her finished work of art,
Sadly Chris was feeling a little shy, but her card was beautiful  too, and Sylvia and Pat were on holiday and didn't get to play.
And that ladies and gents is the biggest reason why I love my job so much, the satisfaction I get from helping people achieve the results that they want, and turning a few bits of plain card into a work of art.
Thanks for joining me today.
Happy colouring
Nicky x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

I LOVE my job! part one!

Hello everybody, I have split this post in two as there is so much to share! 
Last Sunday, Cate and I went to the trade show, I'm very fortunate that I have been going to this annual trade only event for the last 9 years, and have met many wonderfully talented people and seen a lot of different craft products.
But first things first we had to have a cup of tea, love tea!!
Cate enjoying finally getting there! (long story!)
This year I was fortunate enough to get onto a couple of workshops run by the fabulous team at crafters companion,  my first with the wonderful Sheena Douglass, and we had a master class in using her new perfect partners dies and stamps, and guess what? LOVE them all!
The lovely Sheena!
And then in the afternoon I was in gorgeous Leann Chivers master class using the fabulous new Spectrum Aqua pens, I learnt quite a few new much do I LOVE these pens!
Gorgeous Leann and Louisa!
And talking of  things I love, well not so much love, but I was filled with pride when I saw all my cards on display alongside all my design team buddies cards, Cate felt the need to document this!
(safe to say I wasn't looking my best!)
I won't bore you the rest of the photos as something went very wrong with my camera and they all came out a bit weird! (it was probably in shock at being taken out of its box!).
Its safe to say that we came away buzzing with ideas for new products for the shop and lots of inspiration for cards, scrapbook pages and workshops, so much so, Monday I got straight to it and created a lovely card with the products I had used!!
I LOVE my job!!
Tune in tomorrow for part two, when I will reveal what I made and the other reasons I love my job!

Happy colouring!
Nicky x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ferbuary challenge - using Reds!

Half way through February already?
That means its a different challenge theme at Spectrum Noir!
This months theme is use Red!
I have had a sneaky peak at all the design team's photos and they are all fabulous,
 here's mine:
I figured most people would think Valentine, so I decided to change things up a bit! 
and so I have used an image from Aurora Wings you can view her here.
I created the red background with my Spectrum Noir Aquatints Bright and Beautiful and essentials collections
I created the blue background by masking off the image with masking fluid, then used blue from the Landscape set of Aquatints, I then peeled away the masking fluid.
Yukionna is coloured with my SN Blendable pencils in the following colours:
Skin: 003, 004, 008 Eyes: 057, 108
Dress: 014, 023, 026, 032, 105, 083 & blending fluid
Flower: 023, 026, 083
Leaves: 044, 057, 060
Hair: 120 & blending fluid.
I hope you will join in this months challenge, don't forget there is a prize.
You will find the challenge here!
Happy colouring
Nicky x


Monday, 9 February 2015

Woohoo...todays the day!!!

I am so excited, today is the day I can share this lovely Thelwell card with you!
Crafters companion have done it again, they are launching the CD-Rom and paper kit today
and you can see the gorgeous Sara Davies on TV now!!
I'm off to watch so here is the list of pencils I have used:
Trophies: OR1, GB6
Pony: Pencils, 091, 093, 095, 098, 120
Saddle: 085, 088, 091
Rosettes: 012, 025, 026
Jacket:058, 059, 108
Jodhpurs: 004, 089
Skin: 005, 009
I hope you will love them all as much as I do, and thanks for coming
Happy Colouring
Nicky x