Thursday, 31 May 2012

card for my big sis

Card for my Big Sis

Good day all, Sorry I haven't been posting much recently I have been a very busy bee lately and haven't had much time to do anything, especially crafting!
I wanted to share with you the lovely card that I made for my big sister Heidi.
s alot of you know we have been on a wild rollercoaster these past 18 months and wanted to make her a special card for her birthday.
I know technically there is no colouring in on it but I just have to share !

I have used the new Magnolia Grove papers from Kaisercraft, I'm sure you wil agree they are stunning, and i love all the sentiments on the Deluxe sheet.

I have made the flower on my cricut machine using the Cindy Loo cartridge.
I cut out 8 flowers starting at 1.5" upto 3" increasing by 1/4" with each cut.

I have even Decorated the inside of the card !

Hope you like it !

Happy colouring everyone
Nicky x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Whiff of Joy Grieving Cherub Promarker Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to colour this gorgeous new stamp from Whiff of Joy
 Grieving Cherub, Designed by Elisabeth Bell.

Starting with the skin, I have used :
Burnt Orange
Sunkissed Pink
I'm guessing at this point you think I have gone completely Bonkers! But stick with me this works !!
Start by going over all of the face with Almond

Next use Burnt Orange, be very sparing with it and only go into the darkest shadows,

Then take the coral and go over the burnt orange and a little further into the face,

Now use the sunkissed Pink and go over the previous colour again, going further across the face, again going further into the centre.

To finish go over the entire area with the Almond, covering the entire area.

If you need to, you can add a little more of the burnt orange and coral, but make sure you blend them with the sunkissed pink and almond

Do the rest of him in the same way. Don't worry if you go out of the lines a little bit as this will be sorted later.

Now for the cheeks. Use Antique Pink
Salmon Pink
Baby Pink

First dot some Antique Pink into his cheeks.

Next dot over the top with the Salmon Pink

Then you need to dot over both colours with the baby pink.

This may all seem a bit harsh so take the Almond from before and gently dab around the pink cheeks just a little so that all the colour comes together,
VoilĂ , I told you it would work ! 
And so onto the hair...March Hare, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Burnt Sienna and Umber

Start by laying down the March Hare,

Next use the Cinnamon, try and flick the tip of the pen in the direction you imagine the hair growth to be.

Now go over with the Cocoa using the same flicking action, keep the strokes close together.
As you move through the darker colours you use less of each one.

Next its the Burnt Sienna, shorter strokes than before.

Finish with the Umber, I have a Fine tip on the end of mine, this way I can be precise about details.
Now the hair is done the skin looks so much more natural.

Next for the cherubs wings, I have been a bit naughty and used the Antique White from my Flexmarkers, I wanted the palest colour I could get, I teamed it with Pastel Beige and Khaki.
Just like before, colour the entire area with the antique white.

Add in some shading with the Pastel Beige.

Then darken further with the Khaki, soften with the Antique white, repeating if necessary to achieve a good depth of shading.

Last of all, Sit back and admire YOUR handy work.
I welcome any comments or questions you may have, you can leave them below or come and see me in person at Flutterby crafts.

Happy Colouring x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Blue for a boy!

So as I did a girls card the other day, I thought I had better do a boys version !

I have used the same Fizzy Moon stamp, and my promarkers, but this time i added some colouring pencils to give texture and definition.

 Because I used a doily for the pink card I thought it would be great fun to use another doily, this time a small round, on this card , to pick out some of the detail I used a blue pearl promarker, one of my longtime favourites.

 I didn't have a bit of ribbon the right colour so used an old ribbon from another collection and added a blue border, again with promarker, so it all ties in together.

Hope you like it !
Happy colouring,
Nicky x