Sunday, 22 February 2015

I LOVE my job, part two!

Why do I love my job?
Because I get to make things like this...

This is what I made with the Sheena Douglass perfect partners stamps and dies, after my masterclass at the trade show. (see I LOVE my job part one!)
The stamp sets are Fields of Gold and Brambles, and the dies were Brambles and Country Fence.
I coloured it with the Spectrum Aqua pens in these colours:
Floral set
Bud Green
Leaf Green
Landscape set
The sky is coloured with Teal from the Primary set, I also added just a little of the begonia
I was so pleased with the finished card, I knew that I had to teach my regular Tuesday class, and here are their finished cards,
Mary, feeling very pleased with her card, and so she should.

This beauty belongs to Charlie

This is Kirsty's masterpiece

And finally Gill, also feeling extremely pleased with her finished work of art,
Sadly Chris was feeling a little shy, but her card was beautiful  too, and Sylvia and Pat were on holiday and didn't get to play.
And that ladies and gents is the biggest reason why I love my job so much, the satisfaction I get from helping people achieve the results that they want, and turning a few bits of plain card into a work of art.
Thanks for joining me today.
Happy colouring
Nicky x

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