Monday, 9 June 2014

Special card, special birthday, special friend.

 So this week I was tasked with making a very special card for my friend Teresa who turns 50, my girlfriends and I were invited, by Teresa's husband, to a surprise dinner where she would receive it, but earlier in the week we all got together for our crafty evening and it was the hardest thing to keep it a secret, and we all felt dreadful for not making a fuss of her birthday, but last night we all made amends by surprising her at her favourite restaurant along with her family and friends.
A great night was had by all with much mirth and merriment, but anyway you all came here to see how I made her card!

 So I got my image from Cafts and me and started colouring her with my Spectrum Noir pencils, I always start with the face as there is no point in colouring the rest and then screwing up the face at the end!
 The colours for her skin are, 004, 005, 008, 009 and 091. I used the blending solution with the blending stumps, and gradually built up the colour.

  I wanted her to have transparent wings, so used 016, but just on the part of the wing that's across the moon, and then used the same colour as the base colour of the moon.

 Next I deepen the moons colour with 018, 019 and 020, leaving the rest of the wings until later, I should add I used the blending solution all the way through the image (I won't bore you with writing it every time!)

 Then I moved onto her hair, I decided she should have blond hair as that's the colour Teresa has!
The colours being, 010, 084, 087 and as a reflection from the moon behind I added a bit of 020, but only at the back where it would be reflected.
 Now for her dress, I was a little daunted by the amount of fabric at first but proceeded gently and built the colour gradually, I started with 056 and 047, then deepened the colour with 059, but to achieve a real pop I shaded in the folds with a blue 055, as it tones with the three green shades that I used.

 I then used the same blue pencil,055, to colour the wings along with number 067, I didn't put too much colour around the edges of the wings again to give the feel of transparency, I also added a little blue to the part of the wing that was yellow.

The last part to colour was the background, and for this I again used 055, rapidly becoming a favourite! but the blending solution and stumps are definitely essential in creating the backgrounds, as it eradicates all of the pencil lines and just leaves a beautiful finish.
 The stars are coloured with the 018, 019, and 020.

I finished the card using the new Santoro Mirabelle 12" x 12" papers, even printing on a cut down piece to make the sentiment! and finished off with a few flowers.
I hope you like the card, I feel its probably my best colouring in to date!
Happy colouring

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Pauline said...

Absolutely stunning Nicky! I love the gorgeous image, your colouring is so soft and pretty, gorgeous card!