Monday, 4 August 2014

Top tip alert!!

Happy Monday everybody, today I thought that I would share a great tip that was suggested to me by my Friend
Joanna Wright, from I love 2 cut paper, she could see I was getting stressed at having to constantly look up on the chart which pencil went in which tin and that they were a jumble on the desk! 
So over the weekend I set about remedying the situation, first I tried to use a white gel pen to write the numbers onto the black tin insert, but that just didn't work, so I punted around and found some tiny little white labels just the right size to fit into the little pencil cradles.
It worked! as you will see from the photo I didn't stop there and I sacrificed one of the leaflets that come with the tins, cut it up and stuck each piece in the corresponding tin, so that when all my tins are open on my desk I know which set of pencils I'm using!
Sometimes being a bit of a sorter is a curse, but most of the time I love it, and if it saves time in the long run even better, I love my job!!!
Happy Colouring
Nicky x

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