Monday, 9 July 2012

Red hot!

Well as promised here's the colour list for this fiery red hot babe!
Isn't she cool as a red head, she's definitely my favourite, and my husbands!!

Burnt Orange (be very sparing with this one!)


You may notice that on the hair the colours are listed light to dark, this is the order i have used them in, I found it easier and got better results in this order, I don't know why I just did!! Strangely I always use the face colours in the reverse Dark to light order, and this always works, basically I don't think it really matters which way you do it, its what works best for you.
And what colour works best with such a coppery look?
and Cyan of course!
On her bikini I always colour straight over the dots and put them back in later when dry, using a white gel pen.

So What did I do with her?.....Well I altered a coffee tin! As she's a beach babe what better than make a holiday fund savings tin.

I looove this brand of coffee as does a friend of mine and together we have collected loads of tins, so we challenged each other to come up with novel ways of using them. They are yet to come up with something!

I have used an old paperback novel, I shut my eyes and pulled out some pages, as a book lover this was hard! I used a couple of different distress inks on them, roughly tore them down to size and stuck them on

All the wording is cut from my Cricut machine using the Don Juan cartridge on the under pressure font
This is one of my favourites. I cut these letters on white card and coloured them while on the carrier sheet to make it easier, once in place I covered them in Glossy Accents.

The sun stamp is a freebie from Craft Stamper magazine, All in all despite having paid for the download, this is quite a low cost project, and definitely a lot of fun, and I have a lot of tins here so better hop to it and make some more! And you never know I may actually be able to save for a holiday and get away from this blessed rain!
Happy colouring you lot,
Nicky xx


Maggie Stewart said...

Your blog is brilliant Nicky ~ I now have somewhere to go for inspiration, colour dilemmas and, most importantly for me ~ shading problems lol!
Looking forward to the next exciting installment!! xx

nicky h xx said...

Thanks maggie that means so much, and actually there is going to be a second instalment!!