Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fairy sure I love these stamps!

Good morning everyone, today I want to share a recent commission card that I made, I had no brief whatsoever, but knew that the last Sara Burrier card that I shared was popular so I chose another of her stunning digi stamps, you can check them all out here.
I of course used my gorgeous Spectrum Noir pencils, and thought I would give you quick step by step skin and hair tutorial.
Firstly I started by putting in the shading, why do it first I hear you ask? because it cuts down blending time later! I used 088.
Next I used 008, going into the white area a bit more blending over the first pencil as I go along
Then I went over these with 005, again blending into the second colour and then added 004 as the last skin colour.

I then went back in to really deepen the shadows with 109, but was very sparing with it. 

Then her hair...after colouring her ear (bet you didn't even notice!) I started by going all over with 084, pressing slightly harder in the darker areas.

Then onto 088, this acts as a link between hair and skin!

Then I used 095 to really darken the shadows, I don't tend to blend hair I think it looks more natural without.
Then I finished colouring the image in shades of blue and turquoise
The rest of the colours are:
Dress: 062, 064, 063, 055
Bodice: 050, 052, 055, 063
Wings: 061, 056, 055
Moon: 074, 055
Ribbon: Spectrum Noir Marker IB2
I hope you are all loving your pencils as much as I love mine, and remember to practice lots, as you can't improve a blank page!
Happy colouring
Nicky x


Linda Simpson said...

Stunning! Thanks for the step by step.
Linda xxx

Lea Brawn said...

Amazing card Nicky. Beautiful image made so by fabulous colouring x