Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Time stealers at it again!!

Where did the last 3 weeks go?
I seem to have lost all sense of time at the moment, with so many things going on all at once I feel as if I need to stop the ride and get off!!

So what have I been doing? I couldn't actually tell you! I feel like I've done everything and nothing all at the same time! do you ever feel like that?

I did however take a lovely relaxing class of ladies this weekend for some therapeutic colouring, with the Spectrum Blendable Pencils, I showed them how to colour this gorgeous Make it Crafty Cherry Blossom image,

The colours we used were: 036, 039, 034, 035, 063, 097, 083, 106

You could here a pin drop, once I had stopped talking of course!

 Everyone working hard! Erica and Karen were as quiet as church mice...

 Rita, Kirsty, Paige, Sue, Ruth, Erica and Karen

 Ruth doing a marvellous job...

And Paige, doing a fabulous job, she didn't have her sister for company this month as she had returned to her native Canada, So a big thank you for joining us again.

All the ladies work was stunning, I hope it has inspired them to keep going, they will very soon be better than me!

I run this class on the first Saturday of every month 2-4pm at The Mulberry-Bush, Lower Henwick Farm, Thatcham.
You can view some of the other classes that they run HERE
(Booking is essential as places are limited)

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