Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Exciting news from Spectrum Noir!

Good morning everyone !
I can't tell you just how excited I have been over the last couple of weeks about all the new goodies coming from Spectrum Noir, for quite a long time I have had to keep mum about it and it is so nice to finally be able to share.
A few months ago I was asked by head office if I could do some top secret colouring for promotional work of new products, what were they I hear you cry...? New colouring books!!

Now I know what you're thinking why do I need another colouring book? Well these are quite special as they have been developed especially to work with alcohol markers and blendable pencils, which means that instead of keeping the pages in the books, you can use them to make some gorgeous different projects!

The paper in the Colorista books is a superb quality suitable for blending of your markers and not only that the pages also feature colourable glitter or cool is that?

(This is one of the promo images, check out that awesome foiling)

But that's not all that's coming your way there is going to be new marker and pencil packs specially designed to compliment the books.

And if all that wasn't enough there is something extra special coming in the form of a FREE,
yes FREE colouring course HERE is the link to sign up, you don't have to go anywhere, be there at a certain time or talk to anyone you don't know, you can even sit and do the course in your knickers!! But please be assured you will learn so much.

Now its all going to launch on HSN in the US on the 30 August, and a couple of weeks later here in the UK.
Keep checking back here as I will be sharing some of the samples that I have made for the shows, but if you want to get a sneaky peak of some of the projects made using the colouring pages and new markers then you can check out the dedicated Pinterest page HERE.

In the mean time, keep doing what your doing and ...

Happy Colouring!


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