Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hello, remember me???

Well what can I say? yes I have been very busy, but oh so not in a crafty way!
I just don't know where the time seems to be going these days, I even heard its only 80 days till Christmas!

Lots of things have been happening  at home, one of my boys has moved back home so the house feels even smaller! So I have kicked into full on mummy mode and been cooking and baking all of the kids favourites and just being a bit more of a home bod, I love working but hadn't realised just how much I miss being a full time mum, something that I haven't been for around eight years, but sadly just couldn't afford to do it just now.

So I had a week off, I bumbled about a bit and made a grand total of not very much! But my hubby came up trumps and has revamped my craft room!
I say craft room... its the cupboard under the stairs!! He only did it what seems like five minutes ago, but it just wasn't working and was a complete mess...

You know how you have to make a mess to create order...?

And there's more...

Gavin put me some new shelve's in and a new light, he also put some new sockets in!

Compact and bijoux !

And so to the fun bit... putting it all back!

I think I need shares in The really useful Company!

My Promarkers in their boxes waiting for my new storage to come

I now have room to have ALL my stamps at easy reach, will blog how I store another day.

And here's all my ink pads in easy reach so I can see exactly what's what.

Haaaa, One happy Girl, Thanks Gav.
(PS...I Love you !)

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, I promise to take some crafty fibre and be a bit more Regular!!!
Also I would love to see your craft space and storage ideas
Have fun
Nicky xx


Gavin Hayden said...

Good job who done it :) love u xx

Pauline said...

Oh your craft space looks fabulous Nicky, I'm so jealous!!

calypte said...

Looking forward to some hints about how to store stamps and inks! Your new space is just fabulously organised and neat! :)